Refreshing Miniature Trio


Delicate hand and body lotion, refreshing hand and body wash, and a silky moisturizing body wash combined in a promotional set.

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Become acquainted with the ETĪDE containing a refreshing body care trio enriched with natural extracts and skin protection components.


A delicate hand and body lotion is formulated with active plant-based ingredients. It works to soothe and soften the skin, strengthening its natural defensive function.


A refreshing, aromatic hand and body wash that ensures delicate cleansing and soothing while protecting the skin from irritation. Formulated with a unique plant-based surfactant, the body wash has a soft texture and a rich lather, leaving the skin smooth, moisturized, and nourished.

Moisturizing BODY WASH / 60ml

A silky body wash is formulated with a unique plant-based surfactant and natural moisturizing ingredients for hydrated, nourished skin. The body wash has a rich texture and a gentle lather which works to lock moisture in the skin, leaving it silky smooth and protected.


Restore balance with a relaxing hand care etude. Apply the wash on wet skin in an appropriate amount and foam it up. Inhale the aroma. To finish this etude, rinse your skin with warm water. Gently massage an appropriate amount of the lotion into the skin. The lotion will absorb quickly and will not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. For a relaxing effect, add the wash to your bath whilst drawing it.


We believe that nature can provide numerous solutions for our health and beauty, and we carefully explore how to wisely and gently get the best out of it. Based on science and holistic principles, we look for solutions that support and strengthen the skin's natural defences against negative environmental factors - stress, environmental, sound and light pollution. In Our formulas we use valuable bioactive ingredients to help your skin retain its balance and healthy appearance at the fast pace of the day.