We believe that nature can provide numerous solutions for our health and beauty, and we carefully explore how to wisely and gently get the best out of it. Based on science and holistic principles, we look for solutions that support and strengthen the skin's natural defences against negative environmental factors - stress, environmental, sound and light pollution. In Our formulas we use valuable bioactive ingredients to help your skin retain its balance and healthy appearance at the fast pace of the day.

For our products, we have created harmonious fragrance compositions of the highest quality essential oils to create a sensual and invigorating experience for your body and spirit. Aromas are like nature's dialogue with us and our emotions, flirting with our moods. Both exhilarating and intense, deep and smoky - nature has an endless array of scents which paint landscapes that are a pleasure to immerse yourself in.


We evaluate the ethics of obtaining ingredients and our environmental impact at all stages: growing, production, packaging and delivery, when crafting our products. We choose the highest quality ingredients to create effective formulas for your skin, and cause no harm to nature, people and animals. All Etíde skincare products are created to meet modern everyday requirements. We have set high standards that are applied to our products from development, to production and to every delivery stage to pave the way to sustainable business.

- Effective and contemporary product formulas
- 92-100% ingredients of natural origin
- No parabens, mineral oils, PEG, SLS/SLES, silicon
- Organically certified ingredients
- Vegan and not tested on animals
- Transparent ingredient origin and production process
- Recyclable and refillable packaging
- Justified use of natural resources