Woody Duo


A nourishing duo of intensive body care products in the special ETĪDE gift packaging.

Product Details


A duo of body care products enriched with natural extacts, oils, and antioxidants for resilience and faultless appeareance of skin.

Nourishing BODY WASH / 300ml

A rich body wash is formulated with a unique plant-based surfactant and moisturizing ingredients for deeply nourished skin. Made with premium-quality essential oils, its deep, mysterious aroma whisks you away with woody and herbal notes of Incense, Atlas Cedar and Rosemary.

Intensive BODY CREAM / 100ml

A rich yet lightweight, natural body cream is made with a blend of 6 premium-quality oils, working to improve skin tone and elasticity. Strengthens the skin's natural self-defense system while delicately perfuming the body with sensual and woody notes of Patchouli and Bergamot, Styrax and Vanilla.


Restore balance with a relaxing body care etude. Apply the wash on wet skin in an appropriate amount and foam it up. Inhale the aroma. To finish this etude, rinse your skin with warm water. Gently massage a small amount of the cream into the skin of your hands, body or face, particularly focusing on the dry spots, like nail cuticules, wrists and elbows.


We believe that nature can provide numerous solutions for our health and beauty, and we carefully explore how to wisely and gently get the best out of it. Based on science and holistic principles, we look for solutions that support and strengthen the skin's natural defences against negative environmental factors - stress, environmental, sound and light pollution. In Our formulas we use valuable bioactive ingredients to help your skin retain its balance and healthy appearance at the fast pace of the day.